Summer Programs

The Alliance invites U.S. undergraduates to join us in China and India for summer study, research, and internship opportunities! Follow the links below to learn more about each program's curriculum, fees, and customized activities.

Summer in Beijing

Our Summer in Beijing program allows you to customize your academic experience for a total of 9 credit hours: immerse yourself in intensive Chinese language study, or pair language study with an exploration of contemporary society or economy in China. 

Summer in Shanghai

Our Summer in Shanghai program allows students to benefit from this cosmopolitan city's many resources over the course of eight weeks. Students focus on improving their Chinese language skills and explore contemporary Chinese society or economy. This program fulfills nine credit hours.

Summer in Pune

Our Summer in Pune program features classroom and field-based learning in international development and contemporary South Asian studies. An internship or directed research project is required and includes opportunities in public health, education, microfinance, environmental issues, gender studies, and journalism. This seven-week program fulfills six credit hours.

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